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How to Earn Money from YouTube

Make Money By YouTube

Hello friends welcome to our website www.risiondigital.com, Today we are talking about how to earn money with YouTube. In today’s date all of us use youTube.

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, where millions of people watch videos every day, apart from this millions of people are earning money from YouTube.

Now the question will come in your mind that how can you earn money from YouTube? Therefore you are requested to read this article till the end.

Before knowing about how to earn money from YouTube, let us know some basic information about it.

1. Earn Money Through Google Adsense:-

If you want to earn money online, that means you must know about Google Adsense. With this, anyone can earn good money by monetizing their YouTube channel.

To do monetization, YouTube has put some criteria, first of all it has to feel full like – the channel should have 1000 subscribers, along with it has to complete 4000 watch time.

Apart from this, never copy the video of others. If you keep these things in mind, then monetization of YouTube channel will be turned on.

After that, when any viewer comes to your video and sees the video, ad from YouTube will appear above the video for few seconds.
And when any viewers click on those ads then you get money from YouTube, thus you can easily earn money from YouTube using Google Adsense.

2 Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing:-

In today’s date there are many big youtubers who are earning lakhs of rupees a month through their youtube channel through affiliate marketing.

For this, first you have to make a good quality review video of any product on your channel, after which you will have to put the link of that product in the description of your video.

So that when any viewer will buy the product from the link given by you, then you will get commission in return, thus you can easily earn money through Affiliate Marketing through Youtube Channel.

3. Earn Money by Brand Promotion:-

Another best and easiest way to earn money from YouTube is through brand promotion. If someone has a good number of subscribers on YouTube channel and good views then they are approached by companies to promote their brand.

In today’s date there are many such YouTubers who are earning lakhs of rupees every month just by doing brand promotion.

To earn from YouTube, the channel has to be made a little popular, by publishing good and reliable videos, once your channel becomes popular, you can make a lot of money every month by promoting the brand.

4. What should be done to earn money:-

You always have to keep the quality of your video good, then only views will come on your video. The sound of the video should be clear and good You share your video as much as possible in the right type of social media platform so that your video can become viral.

In your video, you repeatedly told the audience to subscribe to your channel. Always Made Videos Evergreen Topics You can also earn a lot of money from such videos, which are always in demand in YouTube.

5. How Much Money Can You Earn From YouTube:-

No one can tell you the fixed amount about how much money you can earn from YouTube. Because in today’s date there are many such Youtubers who earn lakhs of rupees from one of their videos.

From this you can get an idea of ​​how much money a Youtuber can earn from YouTube, so we can say that YouTube is a good way to earn money. If you use it properly then you will earn good money.

Closing Lines:-

I hope you now you have understood of how to earn money by youTuble. If you have any other question regarding this, then come to my comment box and ask, I will definitely answer it, thank you till then and see you in the next article.

Apart from this, you are requested to share this post with as many people as possible so that they can also get this information and they can also earn money by creating their own YouTube channel.



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