Home Business Ideas How to Start Honey Bee Farming Business ?

How to Start Honey Bee Farming Business ?

How to Start Honey Bee Farming Business

Honey Bee Farming in India has been started by many people, from which people are earning lakhs of rupees. Honey is very useful in our daily life.

Seeing the usefulness of honey in the International Markets apart from India, many people have made beekeeping their business and are earning a lot of money at present.

We all use honey for good health. Honey has many medicinal properties, due to which the usefulness of honey increases further.

Honey can enhance your skin, improve digestion, increase your immunity power, reduce weight. Apart from this, honey is very beneficial in healing wounds or providing relief in injuries.

Important Information for Bee Farming Business

1. Equipments for Honey Bee Farming:-

Different types of thick and thin brushes, hand gloves, Knife
fine cloth, bee sting device, Shoe, Removing Machine, Bee Feeder
drum, Honey Extractor

2. Species selection for Bee Farming:-

We should follow those bees which make more honey, the species of such bees are as follows-

Apis mellifera, Apis dorsala, Apis indica, Apis Florea.

Apis mellifera is the largest egg-laying bee. There are three types of bees found in a hive, first queen bee, second male bee, and third worker bee There is only one queen bee in a hive, whose job is only to produce babies.

The life of a queen bee is about 1 year, that of a male bee is 6 months and that of a worker bee is about 2 months.

3. Right time for Bee Farming:-

The best time for Bee Farming is between November to January. Make a Honey Bee farming Business Plan 3 to 4 months before starting beekeeping business so that you do not have to face any problem later.

Before starting Bee Farming, keep one thing in mind, wherever you are going to do beekeeping, there should be availability of flowers, the more flowers there are, the more honey the bee will drink and the more honey you will get honey.

4. Honey Bee Farming Cost:-

You can start a beekeeping business with about 1 lakh rupees, in which about 15 to 20 boxes will come, the number of bees almost triples every year. Meaning that if you start with 15 to 20 boxes, then next year it will increase to 45 to 60 boxes.

5. Honey extraction process:-

In Bee Keeping Business, when you feel that the hive is capable of extracting honey, then the first process will be to remove the bee from the hive.

The process of extracting honey by machine is quite simple, although many people extract the honey by hand. To extract honey from the machine, the mold of the machine is put in the beehive and the machine is started, in this way the machine automatically removes honey from the beehive.

The honey after extraction is kept at a certain temperature for 24 hours. After this the honey is packed for selling in the market and then the honey becomes marketable. Along with honey, you can also extract and sell wax.

6. Where to sell honey and beeswax:-

When we start any business, we first sell that product in our local area. To sell honey, you can sell all the grocery stores, medical stores, shopping malls near you.

You can advertise to increase sales. Poster-banners can be put up at places, this will ensure that when someone needs honey or wax, they will definitely contact you.

7. Honey Bee farming Profit:-

Every year the number of bees almost triples, that is, when you start this business, your profit will be slightly less in that year.

Because as the number of bees increases, the production of honey will also increase, due to which your profit will also increase.

Closing Lines:-

If you want to start beekeeping business, then first of all prepare a complete business plan related to this business. After this take training from any training center. When you feel that I am perfect for this business then you can start.

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