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Know Yourself, Life Changing Story..

A beggar lived at the railway station of a city. He used to fill his stomach by begging from the passengers sitting in the trains going there.

One day when he was begging, he saw a tall man wearing a suit boot. He thought that this person seems to be very rich, he will surely give me good money on begging from him. He started begging from that tall man.

Seeing the beggar, the tall man said, “You always ask, do you ever give anything to anyone?

The beggar said, “Sir, I am a beggar. I always keep asking people. Where is my status so that I can give something to someone?

The tall man said, “When you cannot give anything to anyone, then you have no right to ask for it. I am a Businessman, if you give me something, in exchange I will give you money. Then came the station where the tall man had to get down. He got off the train and left.

Here the beggar started thinking about what he had said. The words said by that tall man went down in that beggar’s heart.

He started thinking that maybe I do not get much money in begging because I am not able to give anything to anyone in return. But I am a beggar, I am not even able to give anything to anyone.

After much thought, that beggar decided that whoever gives him begging, he will definitely give something to that person in return.

But now the question was running in his mind that if he himself is a beggar, what can he give to others in return for begging?

On the third day while he was sitting near the station, he noticed some flowers which were blooming on the plants around the station. He thought, why not give some flowers to the people instead of begging.

He liked his idea and plucked some flowers from there. Now he reached the train to beg. Now whenever someone begged him, he would give some flowers to the beggar in return.

People used to keep those flowers with them after being happy. Now the beggar used to pluck flowers everyday and distribute those flowers among the people in exchange for begging.

Within a few days he realized that now too many people have started begging him. He used to pluck all the flowers near the station. As long as he had flowers, many people used to beg him.

But when he finished distributing flowers, he did not even get alms. Now everyday it continues like this.

One day when he was begging, he saw that the same tall person was sitting in the train, due to which he had to give flowers instead of begging.

He immediately reached the person and said begging, “Today I have some flowers to give you, if you beg me, I will give you some flowers in return.

The tall man gave him some money as alms and the beggar gave him some flowers. The tall man liked this thing very much. He said, “Whoa, what’s the matter! Today you too have become a businessman like me.” Having said this, the tall man got down at his station with flowers.

But what was said by that tall man once again got into the heart of that beggar. He started thinking again and again about the line said by that tall man and became very happy. His eyes started shining now. He started feeling that now he has got the key of success by which he can change his life.

He immediately got down from the train and excitedly looking up at the sky in a very loud voice said, “I am not a beggar……. I am a businessman……..I can also be like that tall person……..I can also become rich……….

When people saw him, they thought that maybe this beggar has gone mad. And from the next day onwards the beggar never appeared at that station again.

But after 6 months two persons were traveling wearing suit boots at the same station. When the two looked at each other, one of them shook hands with the other and said, “Did you recognize me?”

The other person said, “No! Because according to me we are meeting for the first time.

The first person said, “No! You remember, we are meeting not for the first time but for the third time.”

The other person said, “I don’t remember, by the way, when did we meet the first two times?”

Now the first person smiled and said, “We had met twice in the past on the same train. I am the same beggar whom you told in the first meeting that what should I do in life. And in the second meeting told who I really am.”

The other person smiled and said in astonishment, “Oh! remembered. You are the same beggar whom I once refused to beg and the second time I bought some flowers from you but where are you going today in this suit boot and what are you doing these days.”

Then the first person said, “Yes! I am that beggar. But today I am a very big flower trader and I am going to another city for the same business.

After a while he said again, “You told me in the first meeting that law of nature, according to which we get something only when we give something. This rule of transaction really works. I have felt it very well.

But I always considered myself a beggar, I never thought to rise above this and when I met you for the second time you told me that I have become a businessman. Now I understood that I had not really become a beggar but a businessman.

I understood why people were begging me so much because they were not begging me but paying for those flowers. Everyone was buying my flowers because where would they get cheap flowers from it.

I was a small businessman in the eyes of the people but I was a beggar in my own eyes. On telling you I understood that I am a small businessman.

With the money I had collected from distributing flowers in the train, I bought many flowers and became a flower trader. The people here are very fond of flowers and their choice has made me a very big flower trader today.

Both the merchants were now happy and on arrival at the station got down together and went ahead talking about their respective business.

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