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5 Best Ways To Earn Money From Blog In 2021

If you are searching how to make money through blog, you have come to right place. You need regular consistent traffic to monetize your blog.

Your motive should be to generate good traffic through quality content, if you are at a starting point of blog.

If you are receiving more than 2000 monthly visitors then you can apply or thing about how to earn money from blog. Below here, I have list down 5 different ways to earn money by blog in this article.

Best Online ways to earn money

  1. 1. Provide Freelance Service
  2. Working as a freelancer is a great job to earn money today. By becoming freelancer you may provide your services and sell your product.
    If your blogs have good audience traffic then you can utilize your blog freely to list down your freelancing service. The blog is a prepared arrangement of work to exhibit your ability and sell freelancing services.

On the other end, you can likewise independent for the abilities you have picked up while building and developing your blog.
This could be SEO, content writing, social media, and google analytics work.

2. Apply for Google Adsense

If you have good visitors on your blog. Then you may apply for Google Adsense. I find it the easiest and most used way to monetize your website or blog. For earning.
money through Google Adsense, you just need to take Adsense account approval and provide a spaces for displaying ads.

To earn money by blogging I recommend Google Adsense as it is easy way to monetize your blog.

3. Apply for Paid Product Reviews

Paid product Reviews is great way to monetize your blog or website. Companies or Organizations who launch new items search for bloggers and influencers for item.
surveys to boost sales of the product. Influencers with an enormous crowd base can help in viral promotions.

By this way you can get a fixed commission or as a level of income when you compose an item survey post. It helps your crowds in purchasing valuable items.

4. Launch Course to Monetize Your Blog

If you have mastery in anything like- blogging, seo, monetization, sem, smo, etc. Then you may launch course and attract your audience to monetize your blog.

A year ago, I propelled and explored different avenues regarding different seminars on blogging, content writing, SEO, affiliate marketing and even domain investing.

I love to work in an activity situated condition and I get a great deal of activity takers in the two courses.

We discovered bunches of web blogs getting developed and individuals transforming into authors and joining as freelance writers.

5. Use Affiliate Marketing

I am good to share that Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to earn money through blog. I found affiliate marketing in March 2018 when I was searching to monetize my blogs. Finally I found it on Amazon.

Apart from Amazon, there are many other websites that are offering affiliate marketing programs. Thanks for the websites that are offering this service.

Closing Lines:-

These service is great help in need of money. I receive most of my income through affiliate marketing programs. You also may generate good income by joining affiliate marketing networks.

Kapil Panchal
Hello Guys, My Name is Kapil Panchal. I am a Blogger & Youtuber.I have a passion to write about latest News, Blogging Tips, Online Earning & Motivational Stories.


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