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15 Lessons I Learned in my Blogging journey.

Hello friends, today I have brought another interesting post in front of you. If you are a blogger then you will definitely like this post. I am going to share in this post, such things related to blogging that I learned in blogging for 5 years. This post is going to be very interesting for you

I started blogging 5 years ago from today. I had never even heard the word blogging before that. In 2014 itself, I stepped on the internet for the first time.

A friend had made me an account on Facebook. I used Facebook for a few days but I was not interested in it. Because it was a 2G phone and due to network problem, I could not even take the photo properly.

In the same year I took an Android phone, I started searching on the internet about “how to create a website” at that time there were not many Hindi blogs, so whatever results used to be in English.

At that time, English was not known much and could not understand. Searched the same sentence for 10-15 days continuously, then suddenly I found an article in which blogspot had written about creating a free blog.

Now I have made a blog there. It is true that I had put all the copied posts in it. Then in 2015 I created a blog in It was deleted by the wordpress team. In this, I wrote all the content by myself.

Now I started feeling that I write a little bit, then after 3-4 months I launched this blog on 8th May 2016. Initially I had a lot of problem. Before facing all these problems, it used to be sad, but after fixing it, it was twice as happy.

I have made a lot of mistakes in this 5 year blogging journey and I have learned a lot by facing it. Today in this post I am going to share with you all the same things that what I learned in the blogging journey of 5 years?

15 Lessons I Learned in my Blogging journey

Lession I learn during my blogging Journey

This is the most important lesson that I have learned in my blogging journey. If you want to start blogging then you have to start with yourself.

If you are thinking that someone you know will help you in creating a blog, then this is your big mistake. Yes, you will get a blog made by someone else, but after that you will have to do the work in it and if there is any error then you will have to fix it.

If you create a blog by taking information from yourself, then you will get to know a little bit about technical things. Due to which you will not have any problem in managing the blog and also if there is any issue then you will be able to fix it by yourself.

Blogging Guide tips

This thing may seem a little different to some people. But the truth is that internet is such a place, where you can make thousands of good friends, but if you have any hope from anyone, it will be your stupidity. Many people would know this thing. By the way, you will also come to know this thing slowly.

If you look carefully, you will come to know that daily thousands of people are joining blogging. The number of competitors here is increasing very fast with time. In such a situation, if you are doing blogging for your hobby then it is fine.

But if you want to choose blogging as a career then you have to face a huge competition. And you cannot do this without self improvement. It should keep on making self-improvements and updating something new.

As a blogger, we keep getting many issues not only in the beginning but till the lifetime. Some people would think that only new bloggers have to face issues! But it is not so. Even big professional bloggers keep getting issues.

The only difference is that big bloggers have a lot of resources, due to which they do not have much trouble. But we have to face them on our own. When there is a problem, do not be upset. And if you do not know, then before taking any step ahead, take in-depth information about it.

This is the most important point. You must have heard this saying that a man is greater by virtue, not by name. As a blogger, if people love you then it is only because of your work. Set this thing in your mind that the better you work, the more people will love you.

If you stop working then the ones who loved you yesterday will wander around you but won’t even hit you. So give maximum value to your work.

I know, social media is very important for a blogger. Through this, content marketing is done. But think a little that when you have content, only then you will be able to market it. If you do not understand, then let me tell you that your blog post is many times more important than social media.

Meaning you have to focus on writing blog posts first. After that, if there is enough time left, then you can use social media. But for a blogger, first his blog and then social media.

If you will be more busy in social networking then you will not be able to manage your blog properly. I also use social media a lot, but I have noticed many times that due to social network, I am not able to write a post for my blog.

When I was planning to make a blog, at that time I used to think that blogging is a very easy task. In this, only writing has to be done on any topic and it has to be published in the use blog.

Considering this, I had made a blog, but later it was found that in blogging, apart from writing posts, a lot of work has to be done. You must have been surprised to see the headline above.

Actually, I have realized this in my blogging journey. This point is especially for new bloggers. Some people are very lucky and make their first income in no time after starting blogging. But I was not among those lucky people.

It took me a long time to get income from my blog and I had to keep working regularly from the beginning. This does not happen with everyone, but still I would like to say that patience is very important in blogging. And in starting you have to work continuously for 5-6 months without thinking about money.

Now you can understand that where there is competition, there people are always behind each other. In the same way it is also in blogging. There are also some haters among your millions of fans.

In such a situation, you have to keep ignoring them. People try to keep looking for your mistake. It would be better to stay away from such people.

This is the best tip for new bloggers. Often, new bloggers say that I am not able to write posts well? I want to tell them that if you want to improve your post writing, then do daily reading.

Whether keep reading book, newspaper, and blog. You follow this thing only for 15 days. I am sure, that your ability to write posts will get better fetishly.

I follow this personally. Let me also tell you that when I go to write a post, first I clear all the doubts related to it. Only then do I start writing.

Along with writing posts in the blog, it is very important to maintain some basic tasks. Like keeping the blog’s theme, plugins updated, taking backup of regular blog, replying to comments. All this work is also very important.

The best way is that you make a checklist in the daily morning that what you have to do during the day. After that you can also save it in your phone’s notepad. With this you will be able to easily maintain all the work.

Initially, he used to pay attention only to quantity. Daily used to write 2-3 posts but only 400-500 words were in per post. This was my big mistake.

If I have 10 posts in my blog but they have only 400-500 words and there is a post in your blog, which has 3000+ words, then you will have a better post than my 10 posts. It is not necessary to write 2-3 posts in a day, you write only one post but there should be quality.

It often happens to me that when I do some other work, suddenly some good idea comes but later I do not remember it soon. That’s why whenever an idea comes to my mind, I note it down in the notepad of my phone.

Similarly, the ideas of writing new new posts regularly or making improvements in the blog will also come in your mind. If you are busy, note them down.

Those who have been blogging for a long time, will know very well that when you keep doing regular work on the blog, then you must be feeling very lonely. In such a situation, it is very important to take some time out and roam around.

I wrote a post that “Personal side effects of blogging” In this I also mentioned that if you do not have a co-worker to work with, then you will feel very lonely while working. To avoid this, my friends and family supported a lot. I often like to take out time and hang out with my friends.

Always remember one thing that you get the best motivation only from the blamers and haters. Like I talked about earlier also that the competition in this field is very high. That’s why there are some haters among your millions of fans.

This gives you the motivation to work even harder. It activates the antibodies in your body and prompts you to fight against it. You don’t have to worry about them. Rather, take motivation from them and do more hardwork.

Learn from one blogger to another blogger. It is not necessary that you will also do the mistake which I did, then only you can learn. Rather, it is better for you if you learn from these mistakes of mine.

Because sometimes it happens that due to a small mistake, we have to regret a lot later. That’s why we need to learn by looking at other bloggers.

So these are some things that I have learned in my 5 year blogging journey. You must have got to know a lot from this. I try to learn something new every day.

“The moment you stop learning, that moment should be your death” means as long as we are alive, we should always try to learn to learn something and keep trying to do something new.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any question related to this then comment below. Share this post in social media by giving us your 5 second time.

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