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How to Earn Money by Facebook

Make Money by Facebook

Facebook is the biggest platform of social media. Significantly, there are more than 2.5 billion people on this platform. And the users of Facebook increase in the number of millions every day.

While Facebook is the best platform to promote anything, earning money from Facebook is also very easy.

To understand the earnings from Facebook, only understand that Facebook is a market where people are present throughout the day and the number and presence of people is on a global scale.

Earning from Facebook is very easy. You only need to know some fixed methods to earn from Facebook.

Why Choose Facebook to Earn Money ?

There are many more platforms on social media like: – Whatsapp, Instagram, but why only Facebook? There are many reasons for this. The first and foremost reason is that Facebook has more users than all other platforms.

Another reason for giving preference to Facebook is that Facebook is the oldest platform among all the platforms. While WhatsApp and Instagram offer the feature of private accounts and their features are limited, Facebook has more features and it is public.

Being public means that to connect with someone on Facebook, you do not need to identify them personally, but on WhatsApp you do need the phone number of other users.

The biggest reason for using Facebook is because Facebook has understood that users want to use it as a marketplace as well. Keeping this need of users in mind, Facebook has come up with many ways to earn through video, picture and text. About them are told further in this article.

Top 10 ways to earn money from Facebook?

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook. Out of all those methods, the 10 easiest ones are shown in the list below. You can choose any of these as per your convenience and budget. Those methods are as follows:-

1. Earn Money by Facebook Market Place:-

Facebook Market Place is a feature launched by Facebook itself. It gives you a platform to sell stuff directly on Facebook. With the help of this feature, you can list your product, write its price and also put a picture with it.

Through this feature, you can sell your products to thousands of people and you can sell any type of product while staying within the Facebook Community Guidelines.

The best thing about this feature is that you don’t just show your product to a limited customer, the customers who visit here are global and they come from every corner of the world. By doing this, your product becomes global and your reach reaches to the world level.

2. Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing On Facebook:-

Affiliate market is a commission market. In this type of market, you sell the goods of another company to your customers

For example, suppose there is a company A.
Company A has to sell its product to customer C. During this she sells goods keeping B in the middle. Where B gets a fixed percentage commission.

Many companies like Amazon, Flipkart give affiliate. By becoming an affiliate of any of these companies, you can sell its product on Facebook. This will give you a fixed percentage of the selling amount of the product sold.

3. Advertise Your business On FB:-

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform where you can connect with more than 2.5 billion people. Your business can be increased by promoting your own business on Facebook.

It is worth noting that if you create a page or group related to your business on Facebook and after that continue promotion on it, then you can take your business forward.

It is worth noting that doing this on Facebook will cost you much less than the actual promotion and you can connect with users on a global scale.

4. Make Money by Create Facebook Content:-

If you write well and attractive, then you can earn money by writing on Facebook. Facebook promotes people who write well and provides a platform for them to write.

To write on Facebook, you must first have an account on 22 Social. There you can submit your articles by submitting PDF, Word or any other type of file according to you. After that you have to create a Facebook page and write according to the guidelines of Facebook.

5. Make Money by Selling Facebook Likes:-

People are competing to get likes and comments on Facebook. For this reason, this way of earning money from Facebook is very easy. But this method has always been the subject of controversy.

Many people also say that this method is wrong and illegal, so many people justify it. However, this method can be valid when you use it without hacking the system. Through this, you can earn up to 75 dollars in exchange for thousand likes.

6. Make Money by Influence Marketing on Facebook:-

You must have definitely seen on Facebook that people support a particular type of idea or political party. Either they do this of their own free will or they are paid to do so.

Those people who have many followers on Facebook, such people are paid money to promote a particular type of idea or political party. This is the most difficult way to earn money on Facebook and for this it is very important to have a big following.

7. Earn from Facebook Ads:-

Facebook AIDS is used to promote your page on Facebook, but if you become a part of Facebook AIDS itself, then you can earn money promoting someone else’s page.

To do this, first of all you should have a big following, after that if you become a part of any company then you can do this.

8. Make Money by Managing Facebook account:-

If you can run Facebook well and make attractive posts on Facebook, then this method is for you. There are many people who do not run their social media account themselves but give it to other people to do it.

The people who do this are often celebrities who want someone to manage their huge following and not waste their time. You can work as their social media manager.

9. Earn Money by Managing Facebook Group:-

Many political parties and companies take the help of Facebook groups for their promotion, so that they can promote themselves.

To do this they add people to the group. To run such groups they need admins who can handle them. Salary is given to such administrators.

10. Make Money on Facebook by Direct advertising:-

This is the last and most used method of earning money on Facebook. If you have any kind of YouTube channel or any blog, then you can promote it through this method.

To do this, you first have to create a page of your own and after that you have to add people to that page.

These connected people will definitely go to your YouTube channel or blog, from which you will earn through YouTube channel or blog, but Facebook will help you in this.

Closing Lines:-

So, in this article you have got the ideas of how to make money by Facebook. Still, if you need any kind of help then do contact us.

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