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In today’s day there is a boom in Online Jobs in India. Not only in India, with the help of Online Jobs in every corner of the world, people are earning thousands and lakhs of rupees sitting at home. Today it has become very easy to do online jobs with the help of internet.

Without any technical knowledge, people in India are earning 10000-30000 rupees in a month with the help of internet or online jobs, whereas people having knowledge of internet and technology are earning in lakhs.


Some people are doing part time online jobs even after their 9-6 hrs job. If you get some extra money sitting at home along with the job, then it is good. Why isn’t it funny, friends!

Here you are being told some such methods by using which you can earn money. There should be only one smartphone or laptop and now there should be only one internet connection.

1. Earn Money by Making Videos:-

Friends, you can earn money by making videos. Just create a YouTube channel and upload your videos and earn great money.

If you do not have a YouTube channel, still you can earn money by making videos. you can make videos from your smartphone and hand it over to another YouTube channel owner, sell or you can share your video content to any social media app.

You can sell or you can send your videos on short video apps. for this only you have to make a video from your mobile and you can make and sell a video on any topic.

2. Earn Money by Editing Videos:-

Talking about how to earn money for free. So here you have a lot of opportunities, you can earn money by editing video for free.

You will say how video editing can be done for free, for video editing, video editing software is needed, which has to be bought.

You will find many such best free video editing software online and on the internet, which you can use to start video editing and the biggest thing is that you can do video editing work on your laptop or computer.

If you do not have a laptop or computer, you can earn money by editing video because you have a smartphone, then many people make videos from smartphones, edit videos and publish videos on YouTube channel.

But you have to earn money by editing videos, so you should learn to do video editing from your mobile and then think of earning money by editing videos, there are many people who are earning money by editing videos sitting at home.

You can charge less money for video editing in the beginning and later as your experience increases, you can edit videos and make lots.

3. Earn Money by Making Thumbnails:-

You can earn money by making thumbnail. First of all you have to know what is thumbnail. Thumbnail is a poster like if you watch a video on YouTube, then the first one that appears above the video is the video poster and this video poster itself is called thumbnail. .

If you know how to make posters, then you can earn money by making thumbnails and the biggest thing is that you will find many such free thumbnail making apps on Google Play Store so that you can earn money by making quality thumbnails.

4. Earn Money by Managing Someone Else’s YouTube Channel:-

Manage someone else’s YouTube channel and earn money by doing because you have to put some effort in managing, Like optimizing videos, changing thumbnails or changing the meta data of videos, you can start this work for free and show your work to the first customer.

There are many works going on on such internet, about which you do not even know, you can earn money by managing many youtube channels at once.

And you can charge a lot of money for this, suppose that if you get 5000 every month to manage a YouTube channel, then how many such YouTube channels can you manage.

5. Earn Money by Selling Cracked Software/Apps:-

First of all, you have to know what is crack software because many people know about software, let us tell you that cracked software is software that is used illegally.

For example –

Suppose a company has software and that company has sold it for $100 but many people in the market are using it by downloading it for free because it is a cracked version of the same software or not by modifying that software. It was made that everyone could use it for free.

You can make a list of such software and sell it online and for this you do not need to pay any money because this software is also available online for free and although this software is already available.

So the work you will do cannot be illegal, you are just passing these software to other people and taking money for your service, so in this way you can earn money by selling cracked software online, isn’t it amazing?

6. Earn money by sharing software/apps:-

Nowadays you can earn money by sharing software or apps and the biggest thing is that you will not take it lightly, people are earning crores of rupees every month by just sharing software but it is not as easy as it is being said. .

For this, you will have to work hard in advance because whether you should have an audience to share the softwares or not, if you have followers of social media, then you can do this work easily, then even here you need to work hard first. So you will need to make followers.

Nowadays there is some apps or software for every work, so if someone needs software for studies, then he will buy software and seeing this, if someone needs software

for private chatting, then that fellow software too. Apart from this, there is a category of many software which you can share and earn money.

By the way, sharing software / apps means sharing the app as you must have seen many people share you some app on whatsapp.

7. Earn Money by Solving Online Problem:-

It is true that you can earn money by solving online problem, whether you know it or not, only one boy who gets crores of rupees to fix a mistake in google’s android platform, then you can understand how big this market is. And what a huge opportunity for you here.

There are many people who are surrounded by online problems. And they have some problem or the other, in such a situation someone may have software problem, some may have online account problem.

Someone may have some kind of computer problem, someone’s laptop may have a problem, someone’s smartphone may have a problem, so if you know how to solve any of these problems, then you can go through this method. You can earn money by solving problems online.

By the way, people have a lot of problems in online problems, such as someone may have a Windows problem, someone’s operating system may be a problem, someone’s laptop may have a bluetooth problem.

And if you solve this problem, then you get money or not, you can take a small amount according to you like it happens in the offline market that if you have any item or item in your house, then it gets spoiled. Where do you go to the repair shop, if you want this method, you can also make an online app shop.

8. Earn Money by Becoming a Virtual Assistant:-

You will say, brother, you had heard the name of the assistant, what is a virtual assistant? So brother, you can earn money by becoming a virtual assistant, what is a virtual assistant.

First of all we know about this virtual assistant is a kind of assistant. Virtual means that you will not see anyone but you are solving other’s problem by becoming an assistant for that.

you can earn from 70000 to 80000 rupees per month, how virtual assistant For this, you search on Google, you will find many articles.

9. Earn Money by Article Writing:-

If you have the skill to write then you can earn money by writing articles.

Like this information you are reading is an article and it has been written in the article’s phone, similarly you can write any of your skills online and after that you can earn money by writing.

Writing an article does not mean that you need some more investment for this, you can write an article for any block for any website for any other company and in the beginning you can make your presence by putting guest post. This means that you are writing a post for any website for free.

Now let’s talk about money, then see how much money it will give, friends, here people charge even 1 hour to write articles and charge 1 word, so you understand the word.

Yes, as if you write a normal post, then it is charged separately, if you write SEO friendly article then it is charged separately but understand one thing, if you write a simple article and 700 words then you will get payment between Rs 400 to 600.

This is at a beginner’s level, if you are an experienced article writer, then you can take the same 700 words from 2000 to ₹ 3000, this is the current market price.

10. Earn Money by Making Emogi:-

Making money by making emoji In today’s time, you can earn money by doing anything and making money by making emoji is also one of them, you must have heard the name of emoji, there are many applications and software on the internet for making emoji.

You will also find such software on google play store using which you can create emogi and sell it through NFT, here you get commission instead and you will get this commission for life time.

11. Make Money Online by Taking Photos:-

Nowadays it is the era of photos, you can earn money even by taking photos because there are many such websites where there is a demand for photos of very high quality and different categories.

And you can earn a good amount by uploading the photos taken by you from mobile phone. Apart from this, friends, you can make an identity of yourself and the field of photography is very big.

So if you are fond of taking photos, then This can be a very good career opportunity for you.

12. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing:-

Talking about the internet, you must have heard the name of affiliate marketing, yes friends, you can earn money from affiliate marketing sitting at home.

Affiliate marketing means that you can earn money by sharing an affiliate link of an online product.

For this, you will go to many websites on the internet from where you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing related to the category in which you are interested in any product and this is the best and popular way online.

13. Earn Money From Facebook Page:-

If you have learned how to earn money from whatsapp, then it is also important to know about how to earn money from facebook, if you use facebook for hours or stick to facebook posts all day or from facebook videos.

If you stick then there is a golden opportunity for you that you can earn money from Facebook by uploading videos on Facebook.

You can also earn money by putting a post on Facebook, such Facebook is the number one social media network website in the whole world and here you can earn money from any of your posts but for this you have to gain social media follower first. You can earn money from your Facebook page.

And to earn money from facebook page, if you do not already have an audience, then you can promote the posts or videos made on your facebook page by investing some money through facebook ads and since then when on your facebook page. If you have a lot of audience then you can start earning a good amount.

14. Earn Money By Clixsense:- is a well known PTC (pay to click) site. You can earn money from this site in two ways- by clicking ads on the site and referring people to the site.

15. Earn Money By Creating Png Images:-

You can earn money sitting at home by creating PNG images, you can create a website related to PNG images and upload the png photos created by you on that website because nowadays it is the era of creativity. There is a demand for PNG images of every category.

And it has a lot of demand on the internet because it is used for making presentation, thumbnail etc. So if you want, you can make a png image and sell it on your own website or you can sell it on other png images website. You can earn money by making png images.

Final Words:-

So friends, How do you feel about this information being written on this topic?

Also give information about what you are liking the most. And if you do not know any of these skills, then do give your opinion below about which skills you want to see in the above-mentioned ways to earn money and read similar articles. Definitely visit daily because here you keep getting such information.

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