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9 Best ways to make your blog post viral

Know the right platforms to share your posts or blogs. follow the below instructions step by step. No premium tools, no paid subscriptions, no-nonsense.

If you have good post to promote, then know the right places to share.

Promoting blog posts are essential part to gain traffic on site. If you do not know the right platforms or social media sites. Then you will not achieve the targeted goal of becoming successful blogger.

Easy ways to promote your blog posts.

  1. Share it on Facebook for Easy Traffic

Facebook is great option to gain traffic on blog. Share your post on Facebook for quick exposure. For the description, just try to keep it short and talk about the benefits of reading your post.

Best time to post on Facebook is between 11 AM and 1 PM on Wednesdays. Keep this in mind if you want your posts to make the most impact.

Since you want to establish your brand on Facebook, you should also share your post on your blog’s official page.

Creating a professional Facebook page for your blog only takes minutes. Facebook’s assisted page creation process is very easy to use. You simply need to fill up the required fields, upload a profile picture, and set a cover photo and its all done.

Keep in Mind when building your blog’s official Facebook page:

  • Enter your contact information to encourage prospective leads and influencers to connect with you.
  • Use a unique username to make your page easier to find.
  • Create a “Learn More” button to send users to your website.
  • Tell the story of your brand using the tips found here.

2. Use Twitter App

Twitter has more than 267 million traffic on it. Hence Twitter is always a part of the conversation. For blog promotion, the steps are similar to posting your content on Facebook.

The catch is, you have to squeeze your content into a 280-character post. That’s really not a lot — I know. Still, it should be enough for a crisp and clear introduction to your post.

There are also certain posting times that could maximize the visibility of your tweets. On weekdays, try posting at 9 in the morning on Wednesdays and Fridays. Avoid posting between 10 PM and 4 AM since fewer people check their Twitter feeds for news late at night.

3. Pin it on Pinterest to Convey Your Message Visually

If you’re blogging and want to promote your post better with visual content, you should use Pinterest. A glance at the platform will tell you how other bloggers, marketers, and businesses use the site.

Naturally, you’ll want to use custom visual content if you want to share your content on Pinterest. No — I’m not suggesting you should hire a professional graphic designer. There are plenty of tools like Canva, Ipiccy and Piktochart that let you make presentable visuals images in no time.

4. Publish your post it on LinkedIn to Reach a Professional Audience

The key to successful social media marketing is knowing the right type of content for each site. This isn’t just because of the way these websites work. It also has something to do with the content preferences of their user bases. This brings us to LinkedIn — a website for those who want to build their professional network. It’s the perfect place to share in-depth, data-driven content.

How to promote a blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an interesting site that allows you to publish content right on the site. It will then be consolidated into your profile’s “Articles & activity” section.

To make sure users visit your website, just provide a teaser while including a link to the full article.

5. Use Instagram to Maximize Visual Content Reach

As we’ve already mentioned Pinterest for promoting visual content, but we shouldn’t forget about Instagram. It is also the same and easy to use app.

Other than selfies and photos of food, you can also find infographics, blog banners, and product photos floating around.

You can also repurpose your tweetable quotes into more shareable Instagram posts — just like what HubSpot often does.

6. Participate in Social Media Groups to Connect with Prospects

Participate in social media groups . It’s very essiential to use social media as a regular person your followers can relate to. But to truly be on your target audience’s radar, you need to actually participate in the community as a user.

Joining social media groups that are related to your niche is a step in the right direction. Let’s say you’re a SEO blogger and would like to mingle with like-minded individuals. On LinkedIn, just type “SEO” and select ‘Groups’ from the drop-down menu.

Regardless, you can still promote your brand by building a killer profile and participating through:

Answering questions — In every social media group, there are users who need advice and answers to their questions. If you can help them accomplish their objectives, they may voluntarily check out your profile as well as your site.

Run polls — Some social media networks like Facebook let you run polls in groups. Use this to draw attention and receive useful insights from the community.

Build your reputation — As you play the role of a contributing member, you should soon be able to gain recognition in any group. Just remain active, be respectful to others, and continue giving value to the group by sharing your knowledge.

7. Use Q&A Websites

To get more traffic on website Q&A website plays a vital role. Social media groups aren’t the only places where you can promote your blog by answering questions.

There are literally Q&A or Question & Answer sites that welcome you to showcase your expertise. When it comes to Q&A websites, nothing else comes close to Quora.

8. Building an Email List for Long-Term Traffic Value

If you want your blog to get more traffic, you can’t rely on website traffic alone. You should also try to build an email list that can supply your future posts with readers.

Other than getting traffic, an email list is a must-have tool for turning leads into potential customers. This will prove to be useful once you finally develop your own products — from online courses to downloadable resources.

To build and manage an email list, bloggers can depend on free email marketing platforms like MailChimp. It has every tool you need for a comprehensive email marketing campaign. You can easily create signup forms, design landing pages, craft professional newsletters, and more.

9. Use Tumblr to get traffic on blog

Tumblr is also known as the best social media app to drive traffic on website. It is very simple and user friendly app. Just sign up on Tumblr app and drive quality traffic on your blog.

Closing Lines:-

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