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How PM Modi is making India a Rich Country

Pm Modi Making India Rich

People should know that Pm Modi wants to make India a Rich Country and he is continually making effort to make it happen.

Those who repeatedly shout that what has PM Modi done in the last 8 years ?

Let’s Know the little change of Pm Modi and huge impact of this change in India.


Foreign company VISA is the world’s largest payment network, which is used by more than 40 million partners / merchants in the world.

India launched its indigenous Digital Payment System in 2016… its name was UPI

Look how much difference has happened in just 6 years

  • UPI in 2016: 0.06M Transactions
  • Visa in 2016: 380M Transactions

UPI in 2022: 205M Transactions

Visa in 2022: 597M Transactions

In 2016 UPI transactions were only 0.02% of VISA, but today it has become 35% in just 6 years.

The special thing here is that Visa runs in 200 countries of the world, while our UPI mainly runs in India.

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