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Faith in God, A Short Inspirational Story

Friends, we are sharing the story of God’s wish. This story is about a man plagued by the problems of his life, who has been complaining to God throughout the day. One day he meets God. what happens then? Read the full story to know:

A man was a servant in the temple. His job was to clean the temple. Out of the donations given by the devotees and devotees, a small part would have been given to him by the priest of the temple. That is how he was making a living.

He was very upset and sad with his life. While working in the temple, he used to complain about his life throughout the day.

One day while complaining, he said to God, “Lord! How easy is your life? You just have to stand comfortably in one place. Look at my life What a difficult life I am living. I work hard throughout the day, then somewhere I get the bread for two times. I wish my life was like yours.”

Hearing his words, God said, “It is not what you are thinking. Living in my place is not easy at all. I have to see a lot of things. Many arrangements have to be made. It’s not just about everyone.”

Motivational story for everyone

“God! how are you talking Your job is easy. Like you, I can stand all day long. What’s the big deal in that?” The temple servant spoke.

“You won’t be able to. This work requires a lot of patience.” God spoke.

“I sure can. You let me live your life one day. I will do as you tell me.” The temple servant started insisting.

In front of his insistence, God agreed and said, “Okay. Today you live my life to the fullest. I live your life But to live my life you have to accept some conditions.

“I am ready to accept every condition, Lord.” The servant spoke.

“Ok. So listen carefully. Many people will come to the temple throughout the day and say a lot to you. Some will say good to you, some will be bad. You have to listen to everyone with patience by standing like an idol in one place silently and not reacting to them.”

The servant agreed. God and he exchanged their lives for one day. The servant stood as an idol instead of God. The Lord left from there after completing the work of cleaning the temple.

After some time a rich merchant came to the temple. Praying to God, he said, “Lord! I am setting up a new factory. Bless me that this factory runs well and I can make good profit from it.”

After praying he bowed down to bow down, then his wallet fell. When he started leaving from there, the servant of the temple standing in the place of God felt like telling him that his wallet had fallen. But according to the condition he had to keep quiet. That’s why he didn’t say anything and stood silently.

Soon after this a poor man came there and said to God, “God! I am living life in extreme poverty. To feed the family. Mother’s medicine has to be arranged. I can’t understand how to do all this. Look today, I have only 1 rupee. What can I do with this? You yourself do some miracles and arrange money for me.

As he was about to leave after praying, he saw the merchant’s wallet falling down. He picked up the wallet and while thanking God said, “God, you are blessed.

You heard my prayer so quickly. With this money my family can have food for a few days. Mother’s medicine will also be arranged.

Thanking God, he started leaving from there. Then the servant of the temple, who became a god, felt like telling him that the wallet belonged to the merchant. I have not given it to him. What he is doing is stealing. But he was compelled to remain silent. That’s why he stood silently with his heart.

The third person to come to the temple was a sailor. He was going on a sea voyage for 15 days. He prayed to God that his journey be safe and that he can come back safely.

He was just praying that the rich merchant came there. He also brought the police with him. Seeing the sailor, he told the police, “He has come to the temple after me. Surely he must have stolen my wallet. You arrest him.”

The police started taking the sailor away. The man who became God could not bear this injustice being done in front of him. According to the condition, he had to keep quiet. But he felt that a lot had gone wrong. If I keep quiet now, an innocent man will have to suffer in vain.

He broke his silence and said, “You are taking the wrong person away. This wallet is not stolen by this sailor, but by the poor person who came before it. I am God and I have seen everything.”

When the Lord returned in the evening, the servant of the temple, narrating the whole day’s account, told him with pride that today I have prevented injustice from being done to a person. Look how good work I have done today by living your life.

Hearing his words, God said, “What have you done? I told you to stand silently as an idol. But by not doing so, you ruined my whole plan. That rich businessman has earned so much money through bad deeds.

If the poor man had got some of that money, he would have been well and the merchant’s sins would also be reduced a bit.

The sailor whom you have sent on a sea voyage will not be able to come back alive. A big storm is coming in the sea. Had he been in jail for a few days, he would have at least survived.

Hearing this, the servant realized that he was only able to see what was happening in front of his eyes. He could not even see the reality behind all of them. Whereas God makes his plan considering every aspect of life and runs the lives of people.

Not all of us also understand God’s plans. When something wrong is happening to us or something is not happening according to us, we lose our patience and start blaming God.

We do not understand that some plan of God is hidden behind all this. In such times, we need to have patience by keeping faith in God.

So don’t worry. If something is not happening by your will, then it means that it is happening by the will of God and even if it is too late, all is well with the will of God.

Closing Lines:- Dear Friends, please tell us in comment, if you like the story or not. if you like then please share it with friends. Thank you in advnce.

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