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A Motivational Story, Taste of Shinkanji,

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A professor was taking a class. All the students of the class were listening to his lecture with great interest. Was answering the questions asked by him. But among those students there was a student in the class who was sitting silently and silently.

The professor took notice of that student on the very first day, but did not say anything. But when it went on like this for 4-5 days, he called that student to his cabin after class and asked, “You are sad all the time. You sit alone and silently in class. Don’t even pay attention to lectures. Whats up? Is there any problem?”

“Sir, that…..” The student said with some hesitation, “….Something has happened in my past, due to which I am worried. I don’t understand what to do?”

The professor was a good person. He called that student to his house in the evening.

When the student reached the professor’s house in the evening, the professor called him inside and made him sit. Then he himself went to the kitchen and started making shikanji. He deliberately put more salt in the shikanji.

Then came out of the kitchen and gave a glass of shikanji to the student and said, “Take this, drink the shikanji.”

As soon as the student took a sip with the glass in his hand, his mouth became strange due to the taste of excess salt. Seeing this the professor asked, “What happened? Don’t like the shikanji?”

“No sir, it is not like that. Just a little too much salt in the shikanji. The student spoke.

“Oh, now it’s in vain. Bring me the glass. I’ll throw it away.” The professor extended his hand to take the glass from the student. But the student refused and said, “No sir, only salt is more. If you add some more sugar, then the taste will be fine.

On hearing this the professor became serious and said, “You are right. Now understand it too. This shikanji is your life. Too much salt dissolved in it is bad experiences of your past.

Just as the salt cannot be taken out of the shikanji, similarly those bad experiences cannot be separated from life. Those bad experiences are also a part of life.

But the way we can change the taste of shikanji by dissolving sugar. Similarly, in order to forget bad experiences, sweetness has to be dissolved in life, will it not? That’s why I want you to add sweetness to your life now.”

The student understood the professor’s point and decided that now he would not be disturbed by the past.

Lesson to learn here

Often in life, we are sad by remembering the bad memories and experiences of the past. In this way, we are not able to pay attention to our present and somewhere spoil our future. What has happened cannot be rectified.

But at least it can be forgotten and we have to make new sweet memories today to forget them. Bring sweet and happy moments in life, then only sweetness will come in life.

Closing Lines:-

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