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Laugh to hear Piyush Jain Answer about the money has has?

Perfume trader Piyush Jain has made a shocking disclosure in the interrogation of Rs 177 crore cash recovered in the raid of Directorate General of GST Intelligence, Gujarat lying at his bases in Kanpur and Kannauj. Piyush Jain told the officers that this money belonged to him, which he had deposited by selling ancestral gold.

When the officials asked the perfume trader why he sold gold, whom he sold, for how much? So he could not answer these questions.

Piyush Jain said, had sold ancestral gold

4 crore cash and 1 crore jewelery have been recovered from Piyush Jain’s house in Kannauj. Actually, this amount and jewelery has been recovered from only two rooms, while 12 rooms are yet to be opened.

In Kannauj itself, the houses of businessmen Ranu Mishra and Vineet Gupta have also been raided. Piyush did not spew anything even after interrogating the DGGI officers.Told the officers that all this money belonged to him.

If the officer wants, deduct the income tax and return the remaining amount. Where did that much money come from? In response, Piyush said that 400 kg of gold was ancestral to the house, which was sold.

A cellar was also found in Piyush Jain’s house

When the investigation team asked the reason for selling gold, Piyush Jain said that money was needed. What was the need? On this it was said that money was to be invested in the business.

Officials said that in the last five years a new firm has not been opened. Business has not grown. There is no new business plan. Don’t even have blue print of any new business, still sold gold? On this the perfume trader became silent, he had no answer to the arguments of the officers.

Let us tell you that after the raid on Piyush Jain’s house in Kanpur, money was kept in 13 boxes in the first consignment, while in the second consignment money was kept in 17 boxes and deposited in the Reserve Bank. A cellar has also been found in Piyush Jain’s house.

Know about Piyush Jain

Apart from the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kanpur and Kannauj, there are perfume factories, cold storage chains, petrol pumps in Kannauj.

There is also Piyush’s house, head office and showroom in Mumbai. Piyush Jain’s companies are also registered in Mumbai. According to officials, Piyush Jain has around 40 companies, of which 2 are in the Middle East.

Jain’s Mumbai showroom sells perfumes all over the country and abroad. The DGGI team took Piyush Jain’s son Pratyush Jain to a sealed house in Kannauj on Saturday. Cash counting machines were also called here during the night.



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