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Real Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

What kind of Mahatma is this? Does he really is the father of Nation or it was impose on people of india to call him Mahatma. Know the real facts of Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. At the age of 15, because of not being able to muster the courage from the prankster of a prostitute, he returned.
  2. At the age of 16, he could not get rid of the desire to have sex with his wife when his father was on his deathbed.

3. At the age of 21 again, his mind gets disturbed after seeing a foreign woman.

4. At the age of 28, the hubby goes to the woman but comes back in shame.

5. At the age of 40, he feels intimacy with the wife of his friend Henry Pollock.

6. At the age of 41, he is influenced by a girl named Mod.

7. At the age of 48, 22-year-old Esther falls into the trap of Ferring.

8. At the age of 51, 48-year-old Sarla falls in love with Devi Chodharani.

9. At the age of 56, 33-year-old Madeline falls in love with Slade.

10. At the age of 60, an 18-year-old Maharashtrian falls into the illusion of Prema.

11. At the age of 64, Neela of 24 years old comes in contact with Nagini.

12. At the age of 65, a 37-year-old German woman teaches Margaret Spiegel to dress.

13. At the age of 69, 18-year-old doctor Shushila Nayarse gets naked and gets a massage.

14. At the age of 72, the child widow Lilavati Aasar, Amtuslam, daughter of the big landlord of Patiala, Amrit Kaur, princess of Kapurthala family and Prabhavati, wife of famous socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan, sleeps with women.

15. At the age of 76, 16-year-old girls named Abha Veena and Kanchan are asked to become naked, on which this girl says that they need sex instead of celibacy.

16. At the age of 77, spends the cold nights of Noakhali sleeping naked to keep the body warm and sleeps in bed together with Abha and Manu until the last moments of 79.

This is the real truth of Mahatma Gandhi

After regaining consciousness and till the last breath, he remained engaged in women, and he got India free?
That too without a blade without a shield?

There is a lot of filth in the world, it is not a matter of sorrow, it is a matter of sorrow that Congress has declared this filth as the Father of the Nation of India. The unfortunate thing is that everyone from Congress is engaged in their false propaganda and cheers.

This is the biography of our so called Father of the Nation Mohandas Karamchandra Gandhi which was written by himself.

If in doubt, contact Google and history books. What about Congress?

  • Subhash Chandra Bose was declared a fugitive war criminal, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad as terrorist by Gandhi.
  • For about fifteen years after partition, Muslims kept coming from India to Pakistan and from Pakistan to India.
  • Many people were not able to decide for years whether to stay here or stay there.
  • We had a classmate who had ambitions to become a pilot in the Air Force. If there is no selection in India, then he will go to Pakistan, many of his family members had settled in Pakistan.
  • The Muslims had laddus in both their hands. Our Bareilly’s Hasham Surma tells that two of his taya’s have gone to Karachi and are selling the famous Bareilly’s Surma there, the remaining two brothers are handling the business of Bareilly.
  • Even the sympathizer who makes Unani medicines, half has remained in India, half has gone to Pakistan and is giving Rooh Afza there too.
  • When Sahir Ludhianvi’s warrant was cut in Pakistan, he fled to India overnight, Kurratul Ain Haider went to Pakistan from India where he wrote the immortal Urdu novel Aag Ka Dariya which was published from Lahore.
  • The novel glorifies the culture of India, covering the history from ancient India to Partition, which was not tolerated by the Pakistani mullahs, and Kurratul Ain Haider received so many threats that she returned to India in 59 AD and coincidentally in the same year became enthusiastic. Malihabadi went to Hijrat for Pakistan.
  • In Josh’s autobiography Yaadon Ki Baaraat, he is seen regretting his decision. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan too came back to India.
  • This facility was only available to Muslims to settle wherever they want.
  • Not a single Hindu went from India to Pakistan to settle down. The first Law Minister of Pakistan, the famous Dalit leader JN Mandal was forced to leave Pakistan with great impunity and died somewhere in India.
  • Pakistan is not a country but there is a mood of the clerics that Islam is born to rule, so wherever it will live, it will either rule or struggle for the rule.
  • Muslim is not a race or caste, but a person from any corner of the world can become a Muslim and as soon as he changes religion, his mindset, thinking and personality changes and he starts feeling himself connected with those Muslim conquerors who have done his Hindu ancestors victorious and was forced to become a Muslim.

The truth is that almost 99% of the Muslims of the subcontinent are converted Hindus, Even Pathans.

Today Azam Khan is angry about the fact that he is being punished for the fact that his ancestors did not go to Pakistan.

Hindus must have also been included in Azam Khan’s voters, otherwise he could neither become MLA nor MP with only Muslim votes.

Without paying a single penny stamp duty, he collected land worth crores of rupees and made a university in the name of Muhammad Ali Jauhar, who had made a wish not to be buried in this nefarious country and is today buried in another country Israel. He will be the life-long Vice Chancellor of this university. And what can this country do to them?

A different undercurrent of fundamentalist clerics continues to run among the Muslims, in front of which the common Muslim becomes helpless.

From time to time this common Muslim also keeps playing the victim card. Azharuddin was also heard saying that he was being harassed for being a Muslim.

Mirza Muhammad Rafi Sauda tells a sher, which he once performed in the court of Nawab Awadh, the expression of the sentiments of many Muslims is expressed in these two lines. Azam khan is one of them

हो जाये अगर शाहे ख़ुरासाँ का इशारा,
सजदा न करूँ हिंद की नापाक ज़मीं पर ।

And we expect Vande Mataram.

Shri Krishna has said that, if you live neutral in the midst of religion and unrighteousness, or give knowledge of NO POLITICS, then you support unrighteousness.

Bhima broke the rules of mace war and killed Duryodhana below the waist. Seeing this, Balram came in the middle and decided to kill Bhima.

Then Shri Krishna told his brother Balarama. You have no right to speak in this war because you wanted to be neutral so that you do not have to support the Kauravas or the Pandavas. So you quietly left on the pretext of pilgrimage.

(1) Duryodhana poisoned Bhima, then you remained neutral,
(2) An attempt was made to burn the Pandavas in the Lakshagriha, then you remained neutral,
(3) When you were cheated in the game of gaming, then you remained neutral,
(4) Removed Draupadi’s clothes, you remained neutral,
(5) Abhimanyu was murdered by breaking all the rules of war, even then you remained neutral!
You supported Duryodhana’s every adharma by staying neutral, by remaining silent! Now you have no right to say anything.
Because if you remain neutral in the war of religion and adharma, then you are also supporting adharma.

Today this country of ours is fighting a religious war since 712 AD and every citizen is a soldier in it!

If I support unrighteousness by remaining neutral, then I also have no right to complain that why such bad is happening in the country, if I do not oppose that evil.

I don’t know whether BJP is with religion or not, but other parties and organizations are anti-Hindu; I know this for sure.

It is the duty of every citizen to Support what is in the national interest…

Closing Lines:-

Friends if you like this article and want to support the nation or has a will to make India a Hindu Rastra. Then please share this post with others.

We are really thankful of you for reading and sharing this post…

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