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Solution of Every Problems in Life

A kingdom was ruled by a mighty king. He didn’t have any children. Due to his age, he was very worried about the future heir to the kingdom. Even after showing many doctors, he remained deprived of child happiness. Ultimately he decided to hand over the reins of the state to a qualified youth of the state.

motivational storiesHe conducted a merit test for the selection of the future successor. For this a magnificent palace was built. An equation of mathematics was written on the door of the palace and it was announced in the whole state that all the youth of the state are invited to open the door of the palace. Solve the equation on the door and open the door. The one who is successful in opening the door, will be given the palace as a gift and will also be declared the heir of the kingdom.

From the day of the announcement, there was an influx of young people in that newly built palace. From morning till evening, young men used to come there and try to solve the mathematical equation written on the door. But it was surprising that no one was able to solve it. Many would go by writing or remembering it and make every effort to solve it at home. But still fail.

Many days passed. Even the biggest mathematicians of the state were unable to find a solution to that equation. Then the king invited mathematicians from other states. Mathematicians from other states came and started solving that mathematical equation. As the day progressed, one by one the mathematicians left. In the end only three people were left. Two of them were mathematicians from another state, but the third was a simple young man from the village.

Where both the mathematicians were engaged in solving mathematical equations, the young man was standing in a corner looking at them. When the king saw him standing like this, he called nearby and asked, “Why are you not solving the equations on the door?”

The young man said, “Sir, I have just come here to see these eminent mathematicians. They are such great mathematicians of their states. Let them solve the equation. If they find a solution, they will become the heirs of the state. What could be more joyous than this? If I can’t solve these equations, then I will try and see.”

Saying this, the young man sat in a corner and looked at the mathematicians. The whole day passed and evening came. But both the mathematicians could not solve the equation. The whole day only one question was swirling in his mind that what is so in this equation? How will this be solved? How will this door of the palace open?

He could not solve the equation even after trying his best. When he gave up, the young man sitting in the corner got up and went to the door and pushed him softly. As soon as he pushed the door, the door opened.

As soon as the door opened, people started asking him what did you do that the door of the palace opened. The young man said, “While I was sitting and watching everyone solve math equations, a thought came to my mind that there might not be any equation to open the door. So I went and went first and pushed the door. The door opened. There was no equation to open the door.”

The king present there also heard his answer and was very pleased. He was also given that palace to the young man and also declared the future heir of the kingdom.


Many times in life, we get caught in such a situation, when we feel that we have a problem like a mountain in front of us. Whereas in reality there is no problem or it does happen, it is very small. But we keep getting entangled in it by making it very big. Later, the solution to that problem comes out on its own or after a little effort. Then we realize how much time we have wasted for such a problem. Don’t get discouraged when problems arise. Think calmly and then try to solve.

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