Trilok Bharti Ji Maharaj Sajada Dham, Jodhpur

Baba Trilok Bharti Ji Maharaj

Sajada Dham – Trilok Bharti Temple – Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
The land of Rajasthan has a historical importance from a religious point of view. There are many famous Siddha places in Rajasthan where the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled.

Today we are going to give you information about Sajada Dham near Jodhpur city of Rajasthan.


When sorrows increase so much in life that a person does not see any way. Then he finally comes to the shelter of God. Whoever does devotion to God with a sincere heart, God definitely removes his sorrows.

Sajada Dham Jodhpur is also considered to be one of the miraculous places where devotees who go with a true heart never return empty handed.

Sajada Dham Jodhpur :-

Sri Sri 1008 Trilok Bharati temple situated in Sajada village, just 40 km away from Jodhpur city. Sajada Dham is becoming famous all over India with its miracles.

Day by day the crowd of people coming here is increasing. Because the troubles of the people coming here are removed.

Especially Sajada Dham of Baba Trilok Bharati is also famous for removing upper obstacles and curing all kinds of diseases.
Baba Trilok Bharti Mandir, Sajada Dham Jodhpur..

aba Trilok Bharati who was a worshiper of Lord Shiva took samadhi at this place about 500 years ago in 1698. About 20 years ago, a temple was built at his tombstone. Since then, by the grace of Baba Trilok Bharti ji, many miracles are being seen at this place.

As soon as you come to this temple of Baba Trilok Bharti, you will get to see people suffering from ghosts and upper handicap. On coming here, the person suffering from ghosts automatically starts getting cured in a few days.

The speciality of this place is that there is no Pandit, Baba and Bhagat ,here who removes your troubles. Here, only and only by the grace of Baba Trilok Bharati, all the works keep getting completed.Trilok Bharti Ji, Sajada Dham Jodhpur

If any person is suffering from some kind of upper handicap or any kind of magic or tantra has been used in his family, then he must come here. By visiting this temple only 2 to 5 times, all the troubles start getting removed from the victim.

Are physical and mental diseases also cured at this place ?

Sajada Dham Jodhpur: Sajada Dham – is gaining its fame day by day only because of the upper handicap and the cure of terrible diseases.

We are not saying these words from our personal experience, we will share our personal experience with you at the end of this post.

When you go to Sajda Dham, you meet thousands of victims who come here and share their real experience with them. Then you find that there is no person who has not benefited after coming here.

Somebody got 50% profit, some got 80% profit and some got 20% profit. Cancer patients come here a lot. Out of which many patients claim that their cancer has been cured by coming here.

In the same way, patients suffering from sugar – heart patients – mental patients and also patients suffering from other types of incurable diseases come here and get benefits in their disease.

How to reach Sajra Dham and what to do after going there:-

Sajra Dham is very famous in Jodhpur Rajasthan. A few days before the full moon (about 5 days before) and on the day of the full moon, it is most crowded.

Most of the people like to come here during this time. If you are planning to go here for the first time, then you should go here only in the days near these full moons.

In Jodhpur, near railway station, you will easily find a bus going to Sazada Dham. If any kind of difficulty is experienced then you can easily reach Sajada Dham by taking a taxi from Jodhpur. It takes about an hour to reach Sajada Dham from Jodhpur.

As soon as you reach Sajada Dham/Sajada Dham Jodhpur. The first thing you have to do is make arrangements for your stay.

There are many tents where you can get bunk on rent, for this you have to pay Rs 70 to Rs 100 for a person. DharmaShala also here for free stay near the temple.

To eat food, you can go to the restaurant located nearby here or you can cook as well in Tent or Dharmshala.

After coming here, you should go to the temple of Baba Trilok Bharti after taking bath etc. Carry dry coconut to the temple and it will cost Rs 10 only.

Put this coconut in the dhuna located in the temple after taking 5 blows from the top of your head. And do more and more circumambulation of the temple. Sitting in the temple premises, chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya more and more.

One must visit the temple premises thrice in a day and put the coconut in Dhuna that is running all day and night. While coming back home, definitely bring Baba’s Vibhuti from there.

If by going here you get relief in your disease and in the upper trouble, then keep your faith and faith in Baba Trilok Bharati in this way and whenever you get time reach Baba’s Dham.

Our personal experience about Sajara Dham :-

There is no doubt in this that the patients suffering from upper handicap like ghosts and phantoms are automatically cured at Sajada Dham Jodhpur.

But when it comes to curing physical ailments, this place shows different figures based on our personal experience. Most cancers have been claimed to be cured here.

But according to my personal experience, my many acquaintances who were suffering from cancer came here many times, out of which most of them were almost cured.

I had also visited this place a few years back. After coming here and asking people about their disease being cured, they came to know that everyone is slowly getting relief in their disease.

Closing Lines:-

How did you like this information about this holy place Sajada Dham / Sajada Dham Jodhpur of Baba Trilok Bharti, you can share your experience with us.

Our personal experience given in this post is not meant to hurt any person’s faith and unwavering faith in Baba Trilok Bharti. Jai Baba Trilok Bharti.

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