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How Social Media Helped me to Know About Sanatan Dharm

Social Media Played a vital role to Highlight the untold history of Sanatan Dharm. If there was no social media, we would not have known the real history of Sanatan Dharma.

We used to be coward by reading the fake history that were imposed on us as Mahatma Gandhi was the father of Nation. But Truth is that Someone can be the son of the Nation But NO ONE can be the father of the Nation.

Just 6-7 years ago I was also a normal person, I also liked slogans like Nehru, Gandhi, Gandhi family and Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai like everyone else. But… but..

In these 6 years through various mediums of social media, I came to know some such truths which were astonishing.

Know How Social Media Helped to Reveal Untold Truth and Surpress History of Sanatan Dharam

  1. I learned from social media that “journalists” are not impartial. They are also associated with some motive / personal interest.
  2. Writers, litterateurs are also not impartial. They are also associated with a particular ideology.
  3. Sahitya Akademi, Booker, Magsaysay award winning intellectuals are also not impartial.
  4. A particular ideology is promoted in the name of films. The truth of Bollywood came to light.
  5. Hinduism is called Sanatan Dharma and the name of the country is Hindustan, because it is the only country of Hindus.
  6. The word Hindu did not come from Sindhu (by the Iranians speaking S) but the word “Hindu” was mentioned in the “Rigveda” from millions of years ago.
  1. Casteism, child marriage, purdah system thousands of years ago was not a sanatani but a system created by the arrival of the Mughals, which the British shared with the Sanatan and distributed it to the Hindus by writing in history.
  2. At some point of time Indian culture and Sanatan Dharma was spread all over the world.
  3. The truth of Vasco Dee Gama was that he was a robber, a deceiver and, chasing an Indian ship, reached India.
  4. Heard the name, work and amazing feat of Bappa Rawal. Fearing them, the Muslim invaders did not even look here for 300 years.
  1. All the Mughal rulers including Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan were cruel, murderers, spreaders of Islam and massacre of Hindus, it turned out to be true.
  2. Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar were Hindu buildings. Mughal’s just renamed them and this is the only truth. Mughals do not know anything except looting and robbery.
  1. The one whom people make fun of by calling WhatsApp University, the same person told me the truth about the betrayal done to Hedgewar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel and Hindu society.
  1. Gandhiji learned about appeasement and partition of India. When Gandhi ji was a priest of non-violence, why did he teach only Hindus instead of teaching non-violence to peacekeepers?
  2. The reality of Nehru, his intentions, his actions, came to light.
  3. Know about POJKL also in these 6 years how Pakistan occupied. And who do not consider POJKL to be a part of India.
  4. Detected Article 370 and the canker that created it.
  5. Dalits do not get reservation in Kashmir, this is also now known.
  6. Dalits do not get reservation in AMU, it is beyond the constitution.
  7. Reality of JNU, its sports and our tax-funded tukde tukde gang got exposed.
  8. Left-anti-national ideology came to be known.
  1. Got to know about Jai Bhim community. A completely different game was revealed in the name of Bhimrao from his opinion. It came to know that Mim Bhim Dalit and Hindu Dalit are different.
  2. The reality of Mother Teresa is now known.
  3. Found out about Christian missionaries and conversions.
  4. The names of the evils like triple talaq, halala, tahrush, mayssar, mutah in a particular community have also been heard by now with meanings.
  5. Now I came to know what message do words like Dhimmi, Kafir, Mushrik, Shirk, Jihad, Crusade have for Hindus.
  1. To tell the truth, I did not even know about Ghazwa-e-Hind. Never even heard the name. All this was revealed in these 6 years. Stockholm syndrome and love jihad were detected.
  2. The reality of secularism is now known. Human Rights, Bollywood, Badi Bindi Gang, Lutyens’ Zone, Hindus were a fodder for all this.
  1. Hindu personal law and Muslim personal law are different, this was also told by social media. Nehru abolished the Hindu Personal Law but allowed the Muslim Personal Law to remain.
  1. In the name of Indian history, we were taught false history, the Mughals who looted us, oppressed us were said to be great. If an outsider takes possession of your house and commits atrocities, how can he be a great and plunderer?
  2. Even after knowing all this and even after the great leadership of Modiji, only thirty percent of Hindus could understand, the rest are like that.
  3. Even the judges called justices are not impartial, some because of ideology, some because of fear, cannot do justice.
  4. Freedom of expression and true history What was buried is now coming out tearing the earth. But the history written earlier was a bundle of lies.
  5. Real reality of all political parties, and their agenda revealed.

Closing Lines:-

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