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What is Twitter Trend

friends, if you use Twitter, and run Twitter every day, then you must have heard a name, Twitter Trend and Twitter Hashtag. Some people who do not even run Twitter, they also want to know its meaning.

I thought, I should write an article on it, that’s why today I have written this article, what is Twitter trend in this article, history of Twitter trend, I will tell you about how to trend etc.

Friends, Twitter trend is very popular, if you want to give your opinion on a popular topic in Twitter, then you can use Twitter trend, actually Twitter trend is a topic, which more people are talking about in easy language. The topics that people talk about at a time are called Twitter trends.

Twitter trends are represented by #hashtags, you can see real time data (what people are talking about right now) by going to the trending section of your Twitter account.

New accounts on Twitter also use Twitter trends to increase their followers, such as giving your opinion on the topics that are trending, you also become a part of the trade, and so will all the people who use that trend. If they see your tweet, this allows like-minded people to follow each other.

Why are Twitter trends so popular?

Some people ask that why is the Twitter trend so popular, which TV channels also cover, friends, this clearly means that Twitter is a very effective platform, that is why if any topic is discussed on Twitter, then it is obvious. It will also be shown on TV, the media will also cover it.

Friends, the special thing about the hashtags being trended on Twitter is that, It reaches a lot of people once, whereas it does not in other social media platforms, that is why the Twitter trend is quite popular.

You can guess the popularity of the Twitter trend from the fact that if you run a hashtag regarding the complaint of a government office, then be sure that the complaint of that office has reached the upper level, the media will also cover the topic. Will do, friends, that is why social media is popular.

But How Can We Run the Hashtag of our Topic?

If you also want to run a hashtag on Twitter, then for this you have to ask many people to tweet on that topic at once, because Twitter does not trend from one person or 10 people, for this thousands of accounts should be involved. .

For this, you can ask your followers to use hashtags, the more followers you have, the more chances are of your hashtags going viral.

Is Twitter Hashtags Free?

Absolutely free, but if you want, you can run paid hashtags on Twitter for some cost, for this you have to contact Twitter Ads, in which you will have to give your account details, along with you will also have to tell your budget, more about this The information is given here, when you have done all this, then you can run the sponsor hashtag on Twitter.

How to make money from Twitter Trends?

Do you know that you can also earn money from Twitter trend, there are two conditions for this, first you should have more followers, secondly you should have an active account, if you fulfill both these conditions, then you can use Twitter to earn money.

To earn money on Twitter, you can promote the product of a brand, nowadays many companies get their promotion done on Twitter, for this the brands themselves will contact you.

Second, you can join the IT cell of a political party, IT cell means campaigning for a particular party or tweeting, like if you find any party close to your ideology, then you join that party. You can, to become an IT cell member, you have to contact by visiting that party’s website, a popular IT cell member can earn up to one thousand per day, now it depends on your popularity, the more followers, Earn more.

How to go viral on twitter

Some people want to be viral on Twitter, going viral on Twitter is not difficult, just you should know a little strategy, if you are new to Twitter, then you will not know about these strategies, so let me explain to you.

To go viral on Twitter or make a tweet video viral, you have to do one of three measures. first you have to make a tweet on the topic that you want to go viral, like if you want to make a video viral. If so, first you have to upload that video on Twitter, friends, when you will tweet the video or message that you want to go viral, then you will have to message any popular account, and ask them to retweet your video, To do this, you can make a list of some popular accounts, for this you will have to do research on your own.

Friends, when people with more followers will like and retweet your tweet, then your video will automatically become viral, keep in mind that the video or post should be viral, only then it will be viral. If you want to make something viral by copy-pasting, then it will not happen.

Difference between twitter trends and twitter hashtags

Well we are at the last stage of the article, but let me clear once more what is the difference between these two, twitter trend means the place where popular topics are listed.

To find out twitter trends you You can also search by writing Twitter trends on Google. Friends, Twitter trends are updated every minute, that’s why the topics (hashtags) which are most discussed at a time, their rank keeps changing.

Now know about hashtags, hashtag means a tag, next to which # button is put, the hashtag which is most used at a time gets a place in the trending section.

If you run YouTube, then you will know that the most viewed video on YouTube is given a place in YouTube trending, similar to Twitter’s system, which hashtags are used the most. Twitter trends are included according to rank.

Closing Lines:-

Friends, now you must have got a lot of information about Twitter Trends, in this article, I have told about Twitter Trends and Twitter Hashtags, if you still want to know something on this topic, or read the article. Even after that, if you have doubts in your mind, then you can tell in the comment.

If there is no doubt, and also liked the article, then do give your suggestions by sharing the article.

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